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A journalist and a digital marketer tell you everything you need to know about the week's tech news in ten minutes or less.

Oct 25, 2017

This week's show is all about failures in the tech business. Alphabet is having issues with the Pixel 2 XL. Apple is replacing keyboards and struggling to build iPhone Xs. And Snapchat has way too many Spectacles.

Google 'Actively Investing" Reported Burn In Issues

"I Am Pressing the Spacebar..." by Jonathan Mann


Oct 18, 2017

We explained the very basics of the KRACK attack on your wifi network and why you should watch for OS updates this week. Facebook acquired an app we've never heard of, because we're old. Toyota didn't include CarPlay or Android Auto in their new 2018 Camrys.

KRACK Attack Explanation

Facebook Acquires TBH


Oct 11, 2017

Twitter cofounders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone went on a passive aggressive reply spree earlier this week when accused of being soft on abuse. Facebook launched a new "lite" version of their popular Messenger app for Android devices. Snapchat added context cards to snaps, which appear when you swipe up.

Biz Stone's...

Oct 3, 2017

Amazon announced new Echo devices this week and a few improvements to their existing lineup. Roku also refreshed their hardware with some surprisingly great deals. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai was confirmed for another four-year term.

New Amazon Devices Announced

Roku refreshes TV hardware

Senate votes to keep FCC Chairman...